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Coughs & Colds

Medically speaking, a cough is the automatic defensive action our body employs to clear and protect our lungs from such things as dust, foreign bodies, smoke, fumes and viral and bacterial infections. We cough with such force that the explosion of air from the lungs travels at a speed of approximately 900 kilometres an hour and may propel bacteria and virus particles up to 240 centimetres. That's real germ-spreading power.

Coughing is an ideal way to transmit infection - principally by droplets of viruses and bacteria being coughed up by one person and inhaled by another. However, colds and flu can literally be caught. We are all taught to politely cover our mouths when we cough, but viruses can survive on the hand for hours; and hand to hand contact is another very effective way of spreading infection.

Most of us will get a cold this winter; you might take comfort in the fact that the average cough will clear up in about 10 days. Even so, chances are you will need to seek the advice of your pharmacist to recommend a product to relieve those frustrating symptoms. Depending on the type of cough and cold symptoms you have so different medicines will be appropriate. If you have a chest cough you will need something to get rid of the mucus or phlegm.

On the other hand, if the cough is dry, nagging and non-productive, cough suppressants will be the products of choice.

If you're taking any prescription medicines always check with your Linden Park Pharmacy pharmacist before self-selecting a product for your cough or cold symptoms.

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